Wood or Wire? (yourlolita) wrote in wecarrystuff,
Wood or Wire?


A lot of you probably already have an iPod, but if you dont, let me know, and I know how to get one for under $40.

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awesome, how?

Sign up for some website, then sign up at a few shady offers and then refer your friends... this person's trying to scam you into being their referall for their ipod. It's the latest online trend.

My stragety is sign up at windowsmobiletraining.com, get a whole lot of free microsoft peripherals and sell them to "earn" the money for the ipod. My strategy rocks because by the time I'm done with it, the next iPod generation will be available and I'll have the money for it.
its funny then if its a scam how my friend got one
Well I know it works. I'm just weary of what they do with info like your ssn.
You never need to give out your SSN. And therefore, you're not even asked to give it. I've never seen a site where you're supposed to give it out. I'm sure they're out there, but you never should give it out over the internet.
I could've sworn i saw this exact same referral in the ipod community a week or so ago. They were somewhat less graceful about looking for referrals, though.

It's really odd, you know, all these amazing offers and programs and promises of free stuff that i've ever seen, i've heard a million people who have a friend or cousin or best mate that it worked for, but not once, in 8 years or so online, have i EVER heard from someone with personal success. All coincidence, i'm sure.
i'm a college student and 3 of my hallmates got ipods from freeipods.com it definitely works, just takes some time
it works on referrals, but i have to email you the information. is that cool?

ps - is your icon you? he looks a lot like pete from pete and pete.
Regardless of these things working or not, this is off topic and I'm sure unwanted by almost every member of this community.

I trust the moderator will be deleting this post soon?


August 1 2004, 18:14:54 UTC 13 years ago

Great way to get a free ipod, just do the ebay offer and make sure you don't win the auction and then get a few friends to join in. 2 of my friends have done this and they've gotten their ipods so give it a try
There's got to be a catch. Nuthing is free! Got myself an digital MP3 player (no moving parts like the iPod) from www.gadgeet.com. Pretty decent and cheap!

I should have bought the 512MB models though as i've got too many big documents to store on it too.