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::insert obligatory new person post here::

Hi everybody. My name is Ash, I'm 15, and I've actually been a member of this community for awhile now, I just haven't posted anything yet because I am a loser. :D But as you probably have guessed somehow, yes, I too carry stuff. :D I found this community while doing a search for bags (because yes I am a bag whore :D) so yah. :)

In school bookbag:
- pens, pencils, highlighters, sharpies, etc.
- candy :9
- CD player (has Tori Amos in there right now ^.^)
- sketchbook
- a friend and I's note notebook
- random notes and band music
- band folder
- clarinet flip folder (during marching season)
- binders and textbooks that I need

red purse:
- Blink 182 notebook
- Neopets address book
- cell phone
- camera
- Jane radiation in "Good Fairy"
- Bonne Bell lip gloss in "Dr. Pepper"
- Bonne Bell lip gloss in "Pink Lemonade"
- black sharpie
- pen(s) and a pencil
- cough drops
- gum, candy, etc.
- black eyeliner
- chapstick
- Bandfest 2003 CD
- keys
- Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe and Naturals Lotion
- hair ties
- gameboy (occasionally)
- random notes and band music
- Wet n' Wild pressed powder in "natural"

green purse:
- basically the same stuff as the red one. I just use this one for school and random other stuff, and put some of the stuff from the red one in there. My red one is my baby and goes literally, everywhere. But it has some stuff that the red doesn't.

- gel pens
- wallet (I have a wallet w/ a wallet chain that I wear so this one doesn't get used as much)
- picture of Tom Riddle (don't ask... ^.^;;;)
- hair clips
- bobby pins
- Bonne Bell lip gloss in "Lunar Lime"
- more random notes
- cough drops
- gum, candy, etc.

Maybe if I'm bored tomorrow I'll post pictures of my bags. :)
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