Just Call Me Bear (sqlnerd) wrote in wecarrystuff,
Just Call Me Bear


I'm Chrissy and I totally carry stuff.
  • 15gig iPod
  • Sony Cybershot Camera
  • t-Mobile phone
  • Sony Superslim Laptop
  • Gucci Sunglasses (sometimes, in its case)
  • a cup of an espresso-based drink
  • love notes from my hot girlfriend
  • powder base, lipstick & mascara
I try to keep my load light -- burning shoulders anger me -- so I got the smallest Sony Camera and Laptop that I could afford. I also got the lightest (and coolest looking) digital music player -- the iPod. I made sure to get some designer sunglasses so that I look cool carrying all these things. These glasses, along with my iPod and earbuds, tell people on the streets of downtown LA that I'm busy not paying attention to them.. This makes me feel good.

I also carry one credit card (with valid ID) and never cash.
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