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i carry's the stuff.

i'm getting an iPod this week and i was searching around for iPod livejournals and found this one. i couldn't believe it! i carry stuff everywhere!

at work, in my cargo pant's pockets:
chapstick, keys, allergy medicine, scrap paper, kleenex

at school, in my backpack:
outer pocket:
chapstick, pen, pencil
middle pocket:
1 or 2 kleenex pocket packs, scissors, wallet, cell phone, keys, schedule, small notepad, mirror, bus schedule, campus map, make-up compact, tiny stapler, more pens and pencils, ruler, allergy medicine, girl stuff - just in case, inhaler, altoids
big pocket:
folder with my transcripts, course catalog, department graduation guidelines, etc. in it, school books, school notebooks, digicam in case, water bottle, bag of cereal or pop-tart for breakfast, bag of cheeto's, travel sunny-d

in purse:
comb, kleenex, allergy medicine, compact, blush, mascara, chapstick, a few lipsticks, a day-timer thing, lotion, inhaler, wallet, cell phone, keys, movie ticket stubs, altoids

i prolly forgot a few little things here and there, but i you get the main jist. :o)

and of course, by monday, the iPod will be everywhere.
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