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hi there.

Name is Kit, and I carry stuff.

First of all, I don't always carry stuff. I don't really venture too far from where the motherload of useless crap is. But, when I do, there's a lot of it. It all goes in a bag that looks a lot like this [new window]. I pile in:

  • iPod. I love my iPod so much.
  • chapstick (or rather 'lip balm,' because it's not in the form of a stick.)
  • a book or two. most recently Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them (Al Franken) and The Town and the City (Kerouac), but also sometimes a book of Kerouac haiku. Good reading, that.)
  • my coffee mug. It's kinda grody because I need to run it through the dishwasher,'ll be OK. Yeah, I drink far too much coffee for someone with my frame.
  • OS CDs. I'm not completely sure why I feel the need to carry around the install (and boot) CDs for Knoppix STD, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and the first two CDs of SUSe 8.1 Pro.
  • contact case. Been caught without it, and it's not pretty. I also usually carry...
  • eyedrops and also
  • a mini bottle of contact solution
  • spiral bound notebook
  • pens
  • sketchy container for whetever is necessary...^_=
  • keys, but they're attached at my belt loop
  • wallet, but that's in my pocket. Inside is a veritable treasure trove of little from restaurants, some from three or more years ago, and my favorite poems, as well as a credit card, an ID, and a probably defunct Borders Gift Certificate card that I just keep around in case. Also an extra key. No money though. Goes in painfully hip wallet that I got from an airline years and years and years ago.
  • mental picture of my boyfriend.

yep, that's about it. I'm thinking about getting an iBook too though.
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nice. i love my ipod so much too. its like my child or something. lol.

i also just got a powerbook. your 'stuff' is rad.
ohh yeah, and the franken book is excellent.


thanks. it's mostly functional, but...well, you know how life would be without all of those little things. Like without my contact solution, for example...ack. I shudder to think.

and I would die if I didn't have my iPod. yeah, I finished Franken a little while ago and I still read parts of it again. *geeky*