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Hey I know no one has posted here in awhile but I like the concept of this community so I'll post what I carry. I'm just glad I'm not the only one out there that carries this much stuff with them everywhere.

In my bag:
Cell phone - Nokia
Laptop - Dell Latitude and case with my dvd/cd-r rom, cords
Sony Minidisc player - I got the new one that carries 45 hours on one disc so I only carry one disc now and earphones
My Journal - it's almost full
Izone camera
Sony Digital camera with cords
tape recorder - just in case i have an interview or want to work on one
pencil case with pens, markers, sharpies, glue, scissors, pencils, crayons - i like to doodle and stick things in my journal and date stamp to mark when i do what i do in my journal
girl scout cookies - well i'm running out of these so i'll just carry other snacks like brownies and cookies
something to drink - usually dr. pepper, orange slice, or a redbull (i rarely drink red bulls)
keys in this little blue pouch
bus schedules
flute music (I practiced at my boyfriend's house yesterday. I normally don't carry this around.)

I'm currently seeking:
a Sidekick so I won't have to carry my laptop with me everywhere. I like having internet accessable.
a backpack to carry all this. Something cheap and affordable and looks adorable and not bulky. I have a good bag but it only has one strap and hurts me.

That's all for me. I'm sure there's more but I forget.
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